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today was rainy and cold and we got a call from cousin angie asking if we wanted to go to the childrens museum. OF COURSE.
we'd never been and i wasnt sure if she was old enough but it was PERFECT. she had so much fun. we spent awhile there and hope to go back again soon. when its not so rainy we'll go to the zoo too. we have a membership there and they have lions now!!

christmas is upon us and if youd like a card comment or email janeknox01@hotmail.com and we'll send one out soon as possible with a leila pic!

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at picture people they had a deal where if you get a toy for tot you get 2 free 8x10's. and all their frames were 1/2. we walked out of there with 2 xmas 8x10 frames, two 8x10 pics, and i had only spent a dollar a piece on great frames. all in all 7bucks for quality pics. go me

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we had a teddy bear picnic. each kid got a bear and we had a bear cake. and we ate pizza and hot dogs on the floor. and ice cream and lots of cake. it was wonderfull. i was so greatful for mia coming up with all her beautiful kids. it was good to snuggle a little one.

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leila had a party at angies house since there was time conflicts. so lucky girl she had two parties!

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it was a sweltering 90 something degree 930am play date at the park. it was so good to see everyone. it was brief because our kids were turning red from heat but leila got to meet jamies kids. they alll looked like they could be sisters and brothers with the white blonde hair. leila loved all the attention and love. and the monkey, she carried it around all day. she still wears the boots around the house(naked cause shes leila).  we hope to see everyone again soon.
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we went to go see g-force today with jeff.

the movie went great. the loud noises scared her at first so she ended up in my seat. we had popcorn and apple juice. it was a luxury theater. leather roomy seats that recline, more leg room. a bar and restaurant that you can bring food right to you and eat steak as you watch. pretty cool. the power shut off though and so we didnt get to order food. just popcorn.

the movie was so cute. GO SEE IT. the pigs were adorable and the plot was cute. ending was suprising. oh and it was all in 3d. and they werent paper goggles they were nice sunglasses. made it so much easier. leilas came padded so that they fit her head. she refused to wear them. towards the end she played peekaboo with them and mine and then she spilt her juice. she also spilt popcorn. ive never left a mess before but the guy was right there cleaning it as we were leaving so i didnt get a chance to do it myself. i feel guilty. i hate being that person.

then she puked on the ride home. oh it was nasty. her seat got cleaned and febreezed and is drying right now. hope its dry by church tomorrow.
i dont think shes sick i think she just had too much popcorn. i guess ill find out if she pukes again.

then when i gave her a bath she dumped the whole thing of burts bees lime and spearmint body wash in the tub. lots of bubbles. but im sad its gone. it was nearly full.

well now its the bedtime countdown. ill go read her some books. ill TTYS.
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as temps were going to be mid 90s again mom said to pack up the girl and lets go to the coast. so we did. we went to long beach wa. it was misty and temps in the high 60s . it was perfect. we stopped in longview wa to have sandwhiches. then we drove the washington side to long beach. it was very misty and we couldnt see very far on the beach. we played in the sand for hours. then we drove to a state park on the peninsula that was empty except for us. we had more sandwhiches and strawberries. we went for a drive and saw oysterville. a small village based on the oyster farm industry of old. it was very very cute. we stopped for ice cream in astoria on the way home. it was a very lovely day.
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heidi i thought youd like the icon. plenty more where that came from. im a jacob fan but if youre an edward fan theres tons of those too. i just like new moon so much.

in case you other readers are behind on times im talking about twilight.. heidi converted another to the fold. though i tell yea the last book was like pulling nails. it was so hard to read/get through. all the others were like a breeze though. couldnt wait to see whats next.

SO> leila. this is her blog after all. not mine.
so shes weaned. at exactly 2. 5 yrs. i slowly cut down, first night time, then morning and worst of all(she refuses naps now) NAP TIME> ugh.

but we live and move on. it was time. im having some health issues and cant breastfeed anymore and i was going to let her wean herself, but i had to do it. i actually miss it. and it took a few weeks berfore she'd cuddle with me without trying to eat. and saying no was heartbreaking with her getting so upset. its just food after all, she just wanted her mommy.

so she regressed in potty training. but as of today she poo'd in the  potty again. and we are back on track. thats the goal this summer. then by her bday i want to have her in her own bed. ill upload some pics and show you why. shes a bed hog. and now that shes not eating to sleep theres no reason why i cant read her books, rub her belly, sing her songs and then go back in my bed. though i admit ill be lonely at first. theres no rush to it. its not harming either one of us(same with nursing for so long)). if it really bothered me id transition her now. but shes already potty training, i dont want too much going on at each time.

shes started mimicking everything we say. new words she didnt know before. she came up to a lady and said "i have two feet".

oh and now she will draw a picture. crumble it up and then OM NOM NOM it like cookie monster. she'll say MMMM COOOKIE!!!!as she tries to eat it. its hilarious. she does it during church and had the row behind us cracking up. SO funny.

her hair is getting so long, and its evening out, its all getting longer. so pretty and white blonde. id love to have that color.. she is so beautiful.