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heidi i thought youd like the icon. plenty more where that came from. im a jacob fan but if youre an edward fan theres tons of those too. i just like new moon so much.

in case you other readers are behind on times im talking about twilight.. heidi converted another to the fold. though i tell yea the last book was like pulling nails. it was so hard to read/get through. all the others were like a breeze though. couldnt wait to see whats next.

SO> leila. this is her blog after all. not mine.
so shes weaned. at exactly 2. 5 yrs. i slowly cut down, first night time, then morning and worst of all(she refuses naps now) NAP TIME> ugh.

but we live and move on. it was time. im having some health issues and cant breastfeed anymore and i was going to let her wean herself, but i had to do it. i actually miss it. and it took a few weeks berfore she'd cuddle with me without trying to eat. and saying no was heartbreaking with her getting so upset. its just food after all, she just wanted her mommy.

so she regressed in potty training. but as of today she poo'd in the  potty again. and we are back on track. thats the goal this summer. then by her bday i want to have her in her own bed. ill upload some pics and show you why. shes a bed hog. and now that shes not eating to sleep theres no reason why i cant read her books, rub her belly, sing her songs and then go back in my bed. though i admit ill be lonely at first. theres no rush to it. its not harming either one of us(same with nursing for so long)). if it really bothered me id transition her now. but shes already potty training, i dont want too much going on at each time.

shes started mimicking everything we say. new words she didnt know before. she came up to a lady and said "i have two feet".

oh and now she will draw a picture. crumble it up and then OM NOM NOM it like cookie monster. she'll say MMMM COOOKIE!!!!as she tries to eat it. its hilarious. she does it during church and had the row behind us cracking up. SO funny.

her hair is getting so long, and its evening out, its all getting longer. so pretty and white blonde. id love to have that color.. she is so beautiful.


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