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great boys for lil girls. SOOOOO Cute. i want some. theres a free giveaway. all you have to do is mention it in a blog and link back to her and show her your link. so easy. i hope i win!!!

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saturday we went to aunt loas. it was her 51st bday and uncle jan was in town after 2.5yrs of not being in town. so we had to get together and celebrate. so we had mt hood strawberries, fresh watermelon, coleslaw and pulled pork sandwiches. YUMMO.

the rest of the day went fine. leila played with cousin josh, he's 3 months older. and its perfect cause she calls every boy josh anyway so she got his name right. i got to hold levi.  he's a few months old now. little and squishy.  he's a real qt.

then we had ice cream cake and watched some of the horse races. mostly we just hung out and talked. i took lots of pictures.

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DO pierced ears look wierd on me? i havent worn pierced ears since 8th grade( over a decade ago). they barely closed up but i had to peirce through just a little bit of skin. i just really love them. K sent them to me. it had a matching necklace but leila broke it. like all my other necklaces. but anyway thats besides the point. what do you think? i know i have really fat ears. darn detached ears and fatty earlobes.thats why i was not wearing them for so long. cause i didnt want to draw attraction to their fatness. i dont know. im crazy. whats your opinion. no earrings, just studs, or dangly or hoops.



have you ever seen one fold like that in the middle? its amazing!!!!! and oh the smell. my orange roses smell the best.



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she loves to play with hats. buckets are hats. papers are hats. leaves are hats.
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I've always loved roses. its a very sentimental thing. it reminds me of my grandpa and his rows of roses surrounding his house. its a child hood memory sort of thing. so i always knew when i could id plant some roses. and with absolute luck mine are doing amazing. ive already had several  blooms this year. leila got excited and shredded two of them after smelling them but there are some pics of the others. here ya go:

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first few pics are from yesterday before my appointment. then this morning we went to the park. she climbed and balanced and slid. she loves pushing her stroller around so i let her push it there and back. help tire her out for a nap?*wishful thinking*
and then theres her noshing out on some noodles. parks make her hungry

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i got the joy of working in the nursery this sunday. it was so fun to watch them play with toys and run around happy. then at the end while waiting for parents to show we bust out the bubbles and let the kids run wild. it was so cute how happy they get over something as small and simple as bubbles.
it was so fun.

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the rest of this week has been slow. ive had dentist appointments 3 days in a row. i hate my dentist. he's really rude and really rough. no bedside manner. it hurt so bad i cried. and i didnt even cry during child birth!!!

leila has been sleeping better. which is a blessing for me. i couldnt sleep last night so i got up and finished eclipse, one of the twilight books. it was pretty good. im still out on if i love them or not. its a fun read most of the time but im not in love with them so much i cant sleep at night before finishing, you know what i mean?

so thats whats up with us. just truckin along. playing outside everyday. i have a 5k cancer walk on saturday. i really dont want to do it alone but i did pay for it so i guess i really should go. *sigh* i was just hoping for a companion to go with. it passes the time easier.

oh and in case everyone didnt already know; Im going back to school this fall. ill be attending clark to get my basics then transferring to WSU. then when im done with my bachelors ill attend OHSU or birthingway to get my degree in midwifery. i ideally want to deliver homebirths but i know the money is more stable in hospital or birthing center births. so i think i may try that instead. i have to think of stability now that i have leila.
ill only be attending half time at first and having leila in day care for half days. just to ease myself in.

well thats about all the news i have.


May. 24th, 2009 11:05 am
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So heres my first entry. dont know how much i'll be over here. but hey:)


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