Jul. 25th, 2009

justsurvive: (march 2008 leila)
we went to go see g-force today with jeff.

the movie went great. the loud noises scared her at first so she ended up in my seat. we had popcorn and apple juice. it was a luxury theater. leather roomy seats that recline, more leg room. a bar and restaurant that you can bring food right to you and eat steak as you watch. pretty cool. the power shut off though and so we didnt get to order food. just popcorn.

the movie was so cute. GO SEE IT. the pigs were adorable and the plot was cute. ending was suprising. oh and it was all in 3d. and they werent paper goggles they were nice sunglasses. made it so much easier. leilas came padded so that they fit her head. she refused to wear them. towards the end she played peekaboo with them and mine and then she spilt her juice. she also spilt popcorn. ive never left a mess before but the guy was right there cleaning it as we were leaving so i didnt get a chance to do it myself. i feel guilty. i hate being that person.

then she puked on the ride home. oh it was nasty. her seat got cleaned and febreezed and is drying right now. hope its dry by church tomorrow.
i dont think shes sick i think she just had too much popcorn. i guess ill find out if she pukes again.

then when i gave her a bath she dumped the whole thing of burts bees lime and spearmint body wash in the tub. lots of bubbles. but im sad its gone. it was nearly full.

well now its the bedtime countdown. ill go read her some books. ill TTYS.


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